Tennessee: Not satisfied with being locked up on DUI charges, police say Jacob Colby Trent threatened deputy and his entire family including his grandmother

Jacob Colby Trent

From TimesNews.net

ROGERSVILLE — A Sneedville man who was arrested by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month on a DUI charge is now facing a felony charge for allegedly threatening the arresting officer and the officer’s wife, mother and grandmother.
Jacob Colby Trent, 26, 351 Maple Road, Sneedville, was arrested Aug. 7 about 3:30 a.m. after Deputy Jeremy Nash and Deputy Jason Montgomery found him parked on Pressmens Home Road asleep behind the wheel with a passenger.
After failing field sobriety tests, Trent was arrested for DUI and transported to the Hawkins County Rescue Squad station for a blood draw.
While en route to the rescue squad, Trent allegedly began yelling at Nash that he was being treated unfairly.
In the arrest affidavit, Nash quotes Trent as saying, “You’re just a (expletive) cop who won’t give a man a break. … You just wait until I see you in the public without your gun and your badge. I’ll (expletive) your world up.”
Upon arriving for his blood draw, Trent was reportedly cooperative, but while being driven by Nash to the jail he allegedly began making threats again.
Nash quotes Trent as saying, “(Expletive) your mother, wife and grandmother. … You will pay for taking me to jail. Just wait until my court date. You’ll regret your life.”
Nash stated in the arrest affidavit that Trent was …MORE
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