Tennessee: Trooper honored for nabbing kidnapper; top ten troopers rack up scores of DUI arrests

Trooper Dwayne Stanford
joined the Department of Safety and Homeland Security in 2002 as a Communications Dispatcher and was later commissioned as a State Trooper in 2007. His initial assignment was as a Road Trooper in Fayette County until being transferred to Henderson County in the Jackson District in 2008. Trooper Stanford earned the Trooper of the Year honor after locating a juvenile who was kidnapped out of Maryland on February 13, 2010. Trooper Stanford received an AMBER Alert notification, began an immediate search for the suspect’s vehicle and located said subject within 20 minutes. He arrested the suspect without incident and preserved potential evidence in the case. Trooper Stanford was awarded House Joint Resolution No. 1313 by the state of Tennessee House of Representatives and the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation for his enforcement efforts. He was also recognized for the top 10 Troopers in DUI Enforcement with 30 arrests.

1.      Trooper Charles Morgan, Knoxville District – 117 arrests
2.      Trooper Michael Marvin, Nashville District – 86 arrests
3.      Trooper Michael Cummins, Nashville District – 69 arrests
4.      Trooper D’Angelo Inman, Nashville District– 51 arrests
5.      Trooper Chad Bilbrey, Nashville District– 43 arrests
6.      Trooper Charles Lyles, Lawrenceburg District– 42 arrests
7.      Trooper John Grinder, Nashville District – 37 arrests
8.      Trooper Eric Miller, Knoxville District – 34 arrests
9.      Trooper Jason Cannon, Nashville District – 33 arrests
10.   Trooper Dwayne Stanford, Jackson District – 30 arrests

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