Texas: DWI arrest bookings in Cameron County Sheriff’s jail

The following persons were arrested for DWI by the Harlingen, Texas, Police Department for DWI:
McAllen Police Officer 
Oberlin Cortez Jr., on 2/9/2011

 The following persons were arrested for DWI and booked into the Cameron County Texas Sheriff’s jail:

Nereyda Castillo, 21, on 11/14/2010 (also hold order for ICE)

Samuel Davilla, 37, on 2/17/2011 by Hall of Justice sentenced to 41 days in jail

Abelardo Fernandez Cisneros, 47, on 11/30/2011

Mario Alberto Cantu, 34, on 10/22/2011 sentenced to 45 days

Iris Carrillo, 28, on 9/16/2010 sentenced to 90 days

Richard A. Carr, 34, on 5/16/2010 (3rd DWI)

Jose Villalobos Belmontes, 50, on 12/9/2010 by Cameron Co. Sheriff’s Dept., sentenced to 2 years (ICE detainer)

Mark Angel Baez, 24, sentenced to jail for 90 days

Gilberto Aguirre, 46, on 12/12/2010 by Brownsville Police Department

Leovigildo Tovar Abrego, 46, on 1/1/2011 by San Benito Police Department (ICE detainer)

Valerie Lopez Yanez, 41, by San Benito Police Dept. (2nd DWI)

Arthur Raymond Wright, 33, by Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept. on 12/20/2010

Roberto Villasana, 24, on 10/31/2010 by San Benito Police Dept. (3rd DWI)

Martin Severiano Vela, 24, on 3/1/2011 by Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept.Jose Vargas Villeda, 37, on 2/20/2011 by Brownsville Police Dept. (also cocaine charge and ICE detainer)

James Hunter Townsend, 24, by Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept. on 2/11/2011 sentenced to 30 days

Lorenzo Silva, 22, by Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept. on 1/7/2011 sentenced to 180 days (also sentenced to 4 years for robbery and 4 years for indecency with child)

Aurelio Cardenas Silva, 53, on 1/14/2011 sentenced to 180 days (2nd DWI)

Jose Alonso Sifuentes, 36, on 2/26/2011 by Texas Dept. of Public Safety (also ICE detainer)

James Nicholas Salvato, 41, on 8/27/2010 by Cameron County Sheriff’s Dept. sentenced to 4 years (2nd DWI)

Jose Antonio Romero, 30, on 1/16/2011 by Brownsville Police Dept. (3rd DWI)

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