Texas: Bozo Judge Pat Priest lets DWI killer out of slammer after only 5 months

From MySanAntonio:

It’s hard to understand how, less than 36 hours after a suspected drunk driver killed a San Antonio police officer, a local district judge would see fit to order the release of a man who served only five months on a charge of intoxication manslaughter.
The shock probation granted Wednesday morning by visiting Senior District Judge Pat Priest allowed the release of Clayton Stowe, a drunken driver who killed Dr. Roman Hlatky in a 2006 wreck. In his remarks on the bench, Priest said it didn’t appear that further incarceration was going to benefit anyone. Certainly not Hlatky.
The stance would be offensive any day. That it came on the heels of the death of Officer Stephanie Brown at the hands of a man on probation for a DWI charge made the wound larger….MORE

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