Texas: Brian Wagner got loaded and ran a red light, hit 911 dispatcher’s car in a “T-bone” wreck, burst her heart and she died; now he’s out of prison and DWI again!


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.  – Friends of the woman killed in a 1998 DWI crash are furious to learn that the then apologetic driver has earned himself a second DWI.
In 1998 Bernalillo County Dispatcher Mary Margaret Sota, 26, was on her lunch break when Brian Wagner, 21, ran a red light at Academy and Eubank, slamming into Sosa’s car. The impact was so great it burst Sosa’s heart.
During court interviews in 1999 Wagner told reporters he had learned a lesson and sent this message to other drivers, “for anybody out there that is considering drinking and driving, don’t, the price is too high.”
Wagner was sentenced to three years behind bars….MORE

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