Texas: cowboy rammed his pickup backward into vehicle stopped at crossing; pushed terrified folks into train — cops say booze was in play

Odessa, TX  (July 8, 2011) — Three people are injured when their car is pushed in front of an oncoming train.
Now police say the driver of the vehicle who caused the crash may have been intoxicated.
“I would hate to be in a person’s position being pushed into the path of a train by a person who is allegedly intoxicated,” said Charles Hodges with Stop DWI, Inc.
That’s what happened to 28-year old Carmen Carreon, 27-year old Estrella Ronquillo and her 1-year-old daughter. They were sitting at a railroad crossing following the rules of the road, when 37-year-old Steven Vance Lane barreled into the back of their car.
The passenger vehicle carrying the two women and baby were stopped at 2nd and Dixie watching a Union Pacific train cross the tracks, that’s when Lane came from behind and rear-ended them with his pick up truck, sending both vehicles colliding with the train. ….MORE

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