Texas: defense attorney made house call; drove into home with white Mercedes

From the Monitor.com

McALLEN — Police said a prominent defense attorney was the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a McAllen home Tuesday night.
The homeowner said the car crashed into his bedroom, and that his 2-year-old was sound asleep in the next room.
Adolfo “Al” Alvarez Jr., 52, was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated after his white 2011 Mercedes-Benz veered off the road and crashed into the home in the 3500 block of Northwestern St., police Chief Victor Rodriguez said.
The crash happened about 8:30 p.m., while the family was home. No injuries, however, were reported. Eye witnesses, who positively identified Alvarez at the scene, said he showed obvious signs of intoxication, which were also noted in the probable cause affidavit that McAllen police released Wednesday.     …MORE