Texas: DUI arrest of El Paso County Deputy Sheriff didn’t stay in Phoenix….boozing at ball game extended to the highway

DWIHitParade Commentary: The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office refused to comment to Fox 14 on the DUI arrest of El Paso Deputy Omar Montoya due to it being a “personnel issue”…that is pretty lame on the part of the Sheriff.  How is the investigation into his alleged conduct  a personnel issue?  His arrest is a public issue, just like anyone else’s arrest.  WHERE DO THEY GET THESE BOZOS IN POLICE LEADERSHIP?

From KFOX 14
PHOENIX — An El Paso County sheriff’s deputy was arrested while vacationing in Phoenix.
Earlier this month, Deputy Omar Montoya was in Phoenix for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, when he was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated.
Because it’s a personnel matter, the sheriff’s office would not comment on Montoya’s arrest.

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