Texas: DUI driver hit man and didn’t stop…even though the dead body had flown into his front seat…he kept going!


HOUSTONĀ  — A driver is accused of hitting a man on the Gulf Freeway, driving with the body next to him in the passenger seat, and unbelievably the driver says he had no idea.
The accident happened on the Gulf Freeway near Fuqua early Tuesday morning. When the man behind the wheel was stopped two miles away, the deputy constable who stopped him says he seemed unaware that a dead man was in the car with him. Now, he’s facing charges.
It was at Beamer and Kirkvalley, two miles away from where the accident happened on the Gulf Freeway, that a Precinct 8 deputy constable stopped the black Mazda because of considerable front end damage and made a gruesome discovery.
Capt. Jason Finnen with the Precinct 8 Constable’s Office said, “It wasn’t until he had the driver step out of the car he noticed there was a body inside.” …..MORE

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