Texas: failure to refuse service to drunk golfer — 1 dead forever, 1 in prison for 15 years, $1 million awarded to family against Southern Oaks Country Club

What is the real price for cutting off a drunk in a bar?
This is the story of one really stupid decision of a Country Club who gave booze to an intoxicated golfer
From Star Telegram

The family of a Burleson man killed in a 2008 car wreck was awarded $1 million Friday in a lawsuit against Southern Oaks Country Club, whose employees were accused of selling too much alcohol to a man who is serving time in prison for causing the fatal accident.
Lance Shetler was killed Dec. 29, 2008, on Abner Lee Drive near Spinks Airport and the Burleson golf course when his car was involved in a head-on crash with a vehicle driven by Mark Charles Pierce, a former Weatherford High School football star whose blood-alcohol level was nearly double the legal limit three hours after the crash.
“I hope this is a lesson to the community that serves alcohol to pay attention to proper policies and procedures, to not overserve alcohol and to preserve the safety of the general public,” said Steven Laird, a Fort Worth lawyer who represented the Shetler family.
Pierce is serving a 15-year sentence for the crash and an eight-year sentence for a 2006 Parker County drug conviction. …..MORE

Former (make that ‘has-been) Football Star will star on all-con prison team for the next 15 years after pleading guilty to killing man while DWI
This story shows that while the country club is being held accountable, personal accountabilty means something in Texas as this guy is in the slammer!

FORT WORTH — A former Weatherford High School football star was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to killing a Burleson man in a drunken-driving crash last year while he was on probation for a Parker County drug conviction.
Mark Charles Pierce, 27, who played for the University of Arkansas before alcohol and run-ins with the law ended his football career, is already serving an eight-year prison term related to the 2006 drug conviction. He went to prison after a Parker County judge revoked his probation for refusing to take a blood test after the crash on Dec. 29, 2008, that killed Lance Shetler.
During a hearing Thursday in 213th District Court, Pierce testified that he drank six beers and a shot of liquor while playing golf with his brother, an uncle and another couple at the Southern Oaks golf club in far south Fort Worth. Questioned by prosecutor Robert Foran, Pierce said he passed several cars as he left the club’s parking lot alone in his Chevy Trailblazer before losing control of his SUV on Abner Lee Drive and striking Shetler’s car…..MORE

A North Carolina jury awarded a family of a seriously injured boy $1.2 million from a Country Club which continued to serve an intoxicated golfer who partied all day before crashing his truck

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