Texas: family files suit against hell-hole bar ‘Rick’s Caberet’ strip club that served booze to drunk man who killed their daughter, Katherine “Emily” Jones

Erasmo Ramirez
Erasmo Ramirez now serving 15 years for DWI manslaughter

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The family of a Conroe teen who was struck and killed by a drunk driver in 2011 has filed a lawsuit against a well known Houston exotic dance club, alleging that the company’s policy encourages workers to sell as many alcoholic beverages as possible; this practice, the family states, puts others in danger when intoxicated patrons leave the club.
Katherine “Emily” Jones was 18 years old when she died on March 30, 2011. At the time of her death, Jones was a senior at Caney Creek High School. The teen was driving her pickup truck when she was hit from behind by a vehicle driven by Erasmo Ramirez of Houston.
According to investigators, Ramirez had visited Rick’s Cabaret that night was reportedly traveling about 130 mph when he crashed into Jones’ truck. That accident further dislodged the bed of the teen’s vehicle and crushed the cab.
Jones who was rushed to the hospital died several hours later as a result of the accident. She reportedly suffered extensive blunt-force injuries and a subdural brain hemorrhage.
The lawsuit filed with the attorneys from The Lanier Law Firm alleges that Ramirez had been asked to leave Rick’s 30 minutes prior to the crash after running out of money and refusing to pay for more drinks. Ramirez’s blood-alcohol level was 0.295 at the time of the accident ….MORE

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