Texas: family of Travis Saunders files suit against two bars for serving booze to Nicole Backus, who killed their son — Hell Hole Bars

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -The family of a Montgomery County teenager who died in a car accident is suing two bars accused of serving a drunk driver.
Travis Saunders, 18, was one of two people who died in an accident on I-45 on June, 29.
“It’s pretty tough,” said David Dorrough, Saunders’ brother-in-law. “No one expected it to happen.”
Investigators said Nicole Backus drove her Ford F-150 the wrong way on June 29 while under the influence of alcohol. According to authorities, Backus slammed head-on into a Chevy Aveo, injuring a passenger and killing two others, one of whom was Saunders.
Saunder’s family described the teen as kind-hearted and loving.
“He was nice to everybody,” said Dorrough.”He never had a bad thing to say about anybody.”
The family’s lawsuit accuses two bars — On the Rox on Sawdust Road and Bikini’s on 1-45 — of over-serving the suspect before she drove that night.
The manager at Bikini’s denied a request to comment on the case.  ….MORE
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