Texas: Harris County Sheriff’s Jail DWI arrests for May 11, 2011

The following persons were booked into the Harris County Texas Sheriff’s Office on charges of DWI:

Francisco Tovar Morales, 38, on 4/17/2011

Jesus Ricardo Morales, 38, on 5/11/2011 (2nd offense)

Victor Morales, 38, on 7/23/2010 (3rd offense)

Earl Ray Morehead Jr. 63, on 5/17/2011 (3rd offense)

Ivan Adolfo Moreno, 33, on 3/22/2011 (3rd offense)

Louis M. Morones Jr., 54, on 2/9/2011 (intox. Manslaughter with vehicle)

Charles Ray Jackson, 50, on 4/28/2011 (3rd offender)

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