Texas: Howe Police officers sidelined a tractor-trailer driver operating with booze and meds

06/05/2014  — On June 5th – at approx 1:00 am Howe Police Dept. Officers R. Todd and J. Clark were dispatched to a possible intoxicated driver on SB Hwy 75. A motorist reported a semi truck driving erratically. Officers located the vehicle on Hwy 75 near Hall Cemetery Rd and stopped it after observing it cross over the center lane divider.

The 45-year-old driver was arrested for DWI after offiicers smelled alcohol on his breath and after he failed a sobriety test. He consented to a blood draw, but withdrew his consent after being taken to a local hospital. Officers obtained a search warrant for a specimen of the man’s blood.

Because of a pre-existing medical condition, the man was admitted to the hospital. A warrant will be obtained for his arrest pending blood analysis resilts. Officers located prescription pain medication in the man’s truck while conducting an inventory prior to towing it.