Texas: Humble teacher Patricia Almond busted for DWI on way to school


Patricia Almond Humble Texas DWI teacher

Patricia Almond Humble Texas DWI teacher

HUMBLE, Texas — 05/17/2014– An Humble ISD teacher was arrested on suspicion of DWI while she was on her way to work Thursday, police said.

According to the Humble Police Department, Patricia Almond, a theatre and arts teacher, was on her way to Timberwood Middle School just before 8 a.m. when officers spotted her swerving and hit a retaining wall.

It happened near Highway 59 and Townsen Drive, police said. Parents were stunned.

“Nice teacher, no complaints, uh, huh,” said one parent.

“I wouldn’t want that around my child” said another parent.

When Almond exited the vehicle, officers observed her to be disoriented, swaying from side to side, had blood shot eyes and had the smell of alcohol on her breath, police said.

“That is very unfortunate; especially that she was on her way to school. The kiddos are young and impressionable,” said Beth Birge, a concerned parent. MORE