Texas: Judge William Old sends Jose Lazaro Cantu to slammer for seven years for DWI

From Sequin Gazette
SEGUIN — District Judge William D. Old III sentenced two defendants to state prison and ordered probation for three others Tuesday in 25th District Court.

Jose Lazaro Cantu, 55, of Cibolo, pleaded guilty to felony driving while intoxicated, and Old sentenced him to a seven-year term in the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
Adrian Alvarado, 26, of Seguin, pleaded true to allegations in a motion to revoke probation, and Old sentenced him to a three-year term in state prison.
Alvarado had received five years probation in July 2009 for unlawfully carrying a weapon on licensed premises where alcohol is sold. The state filed its revocation motion on April 15, accusing Alvarado of the offense of assault, admitting the use of marijuana, failing to report to the probation office and failing to pay fees.
William John Conard, 35, of Cibolo, received five years probation with deferred adjudication on a charge of having a prohibited
substance, either alcohol, a drug….MORE

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