Texas: Judge’s boozehound son charged with manslaughter for DUI death

From YourHoustonNews.com

Frederick Eugene Faulkner Jr., son of San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner, was arrested for manslaughter and motion to revoke probation for DWI on Thursday, Oct. 20.
A grand jury indicted Faulkner Jr. for manslaughter on Oct. 5 and a warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest.
The indictment accused Faulkner Jr. of recklessly causing the death of Terry Thompson by operating a motor vehicle at an unsafe speed, failing to maintain a single lane of traffic and failing to take evasive action.
After 258th District Court Judge Elizabeth Coker recused herself from the case, visiting Judge O. Underwood set the bond for manslaughter at $50,000. ….MORE

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