Texas: Nicole Baukus pleads guilty to DWI murder of two people after hell-hole bar On-the-Rox served her 21 drinks

Nicole Baukus…she laughed when she found out she killed two, now even she says she is guilty!
Right, she downs a drink in bar photo


VIDEO: From Montgomery County Police Reporter: Prosecutor said Baukus gave her victims a life sentence of death because she wanted to have fun…
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Just after 5:30 pm on Wednesday, Day 3 of the wrong way driver trial of Nicole Baukus wound down. The day had several experts testify including Woodlands Trooper Mike Chapman.

Chapman explained how from the “Black Box” in the victim’s vehicle he was able to determine they reacted one half second before impact with only enough time to let off the accelerator. At that point they were moving more than 200 feet per second.

Texas Ranger Wendi Wakeman explained how she swabbed Baukus for DNA when she arrived at the Montgomery County Jail with Trooper Jay Smith after being released from the hospital.

A analyst from DPS said she removed the air bag from the Baukus vehicles drivers side and found Baukus’ blood on it as well as the arm rest and the left sock embedded in the floor board of her truck.

When asked about the chances of the DNA not being her, the analyst said the odds were one in two sextillion that the blood was not a match for Baukus. When asked what that number even looked like she said there were 21 zero’s after it: 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. ….MOREle

On The Rox paid $1 million to settle lawsuit over serving too much booze to Baukus

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