Texas: One less Cowboy….Josh Price-Brent charged with DWI manslaughter in death of linebacker Jerry Brown Jr. as Thugs of the NFL continues

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys…
All this beauty and not enough brains to call a cab…

From ABC
(DALLAS , Dec. 9, 2012) — Josh Price-Brent, a 24-year-old defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, is charged with intoxication manslaughter after a single-vehicle accident that killed 25-year-old line backer Jerry Brown Jr., according to the Irving Police Department.
Irving police spokesman John Argumaniz said the accident occurred around 2:21 a.m. on Saturday in the Dallas suburb, and Price-Brent was speeding when the vehicle hit a curb and flipped over. ….MORE
DALLAS COWBOY charged with intoxication manslaughter…
Had Prior DUI Arrest…
Teammate dies in fatal car accident…
More NFL nightmares…

From USA Today
Weak NFL Player DUI Policy Breeds Tragedy

11:44PM EST December 10. 2012 – It is way past time, NFL. Same goes for you, too, NFL Players Association.
Don’t just take a stronger stance against drunk driving. Take a front-line role in a national crusade to eliminate a serious but preventable problem that can devastate lives, as we’ve seen. Show us real leadership.
There’s no question the nation’s most popular sports league and the players union, touted as a partner, can have an impact, given its tremendous influence. Millions watch. Millions can be affected. Now is the time to do something.


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OMINOUS TWEETS: Describe alcohol binge before crash


The league and union can begin by changing an alcohol policy that is so weak a player can get arrested for DUI after playing on Monday Night Football, then take his place in the lineup the next Sunday. That happened this season ….MORE


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