Texas: party time is always the right time…to die. Jasimine Autumn Quinones dead, Nisa Sanchez looks at life in prison

Pearland teen arrested after passenger killed in alleged DWI car crash
Nisa Sanchez faces prison on charges for killing her friend while driving drunk

Attention Teens: This is no secret, no one is failing to tell you, over and over and over — RIDE WITH A DRUNK, BUY A TICKET TO YOUR OWN FUNERAL!   Sure, you are grieving for your loss, but think about why one friend is headed to the cemetery and the other to prison…

From The Pearland Journal
One Pearland teenager was injured and another killed in an alleged drunk driving car crash shortly after midnight Friday (Jan. 12). The one-car accident reportedly occurred not long after the teens left a high school graduation party.
According to police reports, patrols were dispatched to an area near Dawson High School after neighbors heard a loud crash and called 911 shortly after midnight. Arriving officers discovered a smashed 1995 Honda Civic flipped upside down in a construction zone in the 10000 block of Hughes Ranch Road. The passenger of the vehicle had reportedly been cut from her seatbelt by passers-by and was found laying unconscious on the road. A second young woman, bleeding and covered in mud, was found walking around near the crash site toward Harrington Drive.
Officers checked the first victim for a pulse and, finding none, immediately began CPR. The officers called for Hermann Hospital’s LifeFlight but were told air ambulance responders were grounded due to the weather.
Officers continued trying to revive the girl until Pearland EMS workers arrived on the scene. Soon after, the female was pronounced dead.
The victim has been identified as Pearland-resident Jasmine Autumn Quinones, 17, who was reportedly the passenger in the vehicle. ….MORE

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