Texas: Police charge Amy Humpreys who killed Cedrych Carrisalez with DWI homicide as he walked in parking lot

All this beauty and not enough brains to call a taxi…Amy Humphreys charged with killing Cedrych Carrisalez while she was DWI


Police charge Amy Humpreys with killing Cedrych Carisalez; she is reported to have prior DWI arrests, also charged with speeding, pot
Amy Humphreys, 30, who is accused of driving drunk and killing pedestrian Cedrych “Yanni” Carrisalez, 19, has a previous arrest for drunken driving, records show.
Officers also found marijuana in Humphrey’s car at the time of the deadly crash Tuesday night, according to Officer Matthew Porter, spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department.
A police report stated that she also was speeding. ….MORE

Father of Yanni Carrisalez is a paramedic, who is dedicated to saving the lives of others…

SAN ANTONIO — Police say a 19-year-old man was struck and killed by an out of control driver suspected of DWI on Tuesday night.
The deceased has been identified as Cedrych Carrisalez.
San Antonio police said he and another person were walking in a parking lot near St. Mary’s and Mulberry when they were struck just before midnight.  ….MORE

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