UTAH: Sen. Sheldon Killpack pleaded guilty to DWI arrest; he quit the post of majority leader the day after being charged

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Sen. Sheldon Killpack Utah Salt Lake Metro Jail photo

From KSL.com:
SALT LAKE CITY — Former Senate Majority leader Sheldon Killpack pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in Salt Lake County Justice Court Wednesday. In exchange for pleading guilty to the class B misdemeanor DUI charge, an additional charge of failure to stay in one lane — a class C misdemeanor — against Killpack was dismissed. When asked by the judge if he understood what the plea meant, Killpack said, “I do.”   MORE

Utah Sen. Sheldon Killpack DUI arrest

Utah Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack resigns from Senate; doesn’t rule out return to politics in future

From Deseret News:
Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack resigned from the Legislature Saturday, the day after his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, telling the Deseret News that wasn’t the first time he’d taken a drink.

“I feel very strongly that there is personal responsibility. I feel very strongly that an individual should be an addition to what’s happening and not a distraction. And right now, I feel very much like I am a distraction,” Killpack said in what he called his only media interview, his voice cracking with emotion. He said he made his decision after talking with his wife, Nicole; their four children, ages 11 to 20; and some trusted friends.

He told the newspaper his resignation did not rule out a future in politics.

“I don’t know that this is necessarily the end of the road for me,” Killpack said. “Many people have said this is overcomeable politically.” MORE

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