Vermont: State Police report Mike Woloschchuk DUI crashed and broke his neck; Meghan Bogutz DUI after wreck

Vermont State Police troopers gather to remember those lives lost to impaired drivers and pledge to remove impaired drivers from the highways.

Vermont State Police troopers gather to remember those lives lost to impaired drivers and pledge to remove impaired drivers from the highways.



The following incidents and arrests have taken place recently as the Christmas Drinking, Driving and Dying Season gets underway…HATS OFF to the men and women of the Vermont State Police for their efforts at keeping highways safe!


Vermont State Police 1930’s patrol car and color guard

Trooper Saved DUI Driver From Killing Self…or anyone else…

ROCKINGHAM, Vermont – Vermont State Police report that on Nov. 30, 2014 at 2:01 am ,  Vermont State Police Trooper Ryan Wood conducted a motor vehicle stop for speeding and marked lanes violation on Interstate 91, in Springfield, VT.

During the course of the stop, the operator, Thomas Sweet, 52, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, was found to be under the influence of intoxicants. He performed field sobriety exercises and provided a sample of his breath roadside which indicated his BAC was .131%. Sweet was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to the Rockingham State Police barracks for processing. He was issued a citation to appear in Windsor County court at a later date. Sweet was issued a written warning for the speeding and marked lanes violation.

Driver was smoked

VIOLATION: DUI Drugs/Alcohol #1, NEW – Possession of marijuana

ACCUSED: Ralph Schneider

UPDATE: Vermont State Police report that after charging Ralph Schneider, 53, of Killington, Vermont, with DUI, drug charges were added as well by Trooper Ryan Wood after an inventory of Schneider’s car and possessions during the initial arrest.

Police report that on 12/6/14, Vermont State Police conducted a search warrant on Schneider’s vehicle. An additional 4.3 grams of marijuana were located inside the vehicle as well as numerous open and unopened alcohol containers. The total amount of marijuana located inside the car, (4.3g) and on Schneider (27.7g) was 32 grams, which is over the 1 oz criminal threshold. Schneider was further issued a citation for possession of marijuana in addition to his original charged of Driving Under the Influence from the traffic stop on 11/30/14.

On 11/30/14, at approximately 2050 hours, Vermont State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop for failure to maintain lane as well as not properly displaying a rear license plate on Vermont Route 103 in Chester, Vermont. The operator, Ralph Schneider, 53, was found to have consumed intoxicants as well as smoking marijuana while driving from Springfield, MA.

Schneider performed field sobriety exercises and consented to a preliminary breath test which indicated his BAC was 0.068%. Schneider was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and intoxicants. Schneider was transported to the Brattleboro State Police barracks for screening by a drug recognition expert and processing. Schneider was issued a citation for DUI drugs and intoxicants as well as a written warning for driving laned for traffic and display of rear plate. 27.7 grams of marijuana were found on Schneider’s person.

Crash, Dash and Broken  Neck

According to Vermont State Trooper McLeod on 12/06/14, at approximately 1221 hours, Vermont State Police in Rockingham received a report of a crash that occurred on Rte. 103 in the town of Rockingham.
The complainant, Jason Bradwell, advised that he was rear ended by a black truck with a MA registration; 497SL2. Rockingham Dispatch aired look out for the truck.

“While investigating the initial crash with Bradwell a report of another crash was aired by dispatch advising the crash was located near Sonnax on US Rte. 5, approximately 3 miles south of my location,” reported Trooper McLeod. “It was then dispatched that the truck involved with Bradwell was the same. Rockingham Fire and Golden Cross Ambulance were dispatched as there was report of serious injury to both the driver and the passenger.”

The injury reported to have occurred to the hit and run driver was a broken neck, said the trooper in his report.

At this time the crash is still under investigation but speed and alcohol are believed to be a factor in this crash. The operator Michael Woloshchuk was issued a citation for DUI refusal, LSA and Gross Negligent Operation before he was transported to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in NH.

Police say that Matthew Wood, 25, of Monson, MA, was not wearing a seat belt and suffered scrapes and bruising to
his head and face.

Vermont State Police winter driving mishap

Totaled and Wasted

TROOPER JOHN WAITEKUS reports that on 12-04-14 at approximately 1957 hours, Jesse M. Longway, 37, of Coventry, CT. was exiting I-91 in Brattleboro, North Bound at exit two. The operator reported he swerved for “unknown road debris.”  Longway drove off the road and rolled his vehicle, a 2006 Ford Explorer bearing CT registration 372WAG. The vehicle was totaled.

The side airbags were activated in the crash.

Vermont State Police, Rescue Inc., Brattleboro Fire Dept. and Ricks towing, responded to the call. At the scene of the crash, Longway was found to be intoxicated and was taken into custody for DUI. Longway refused testing and was cited to appear in Windham Superior Court Criminal Division on 12-23-14 to answer to the charge of DUI refusal.

Meghan Bogutz of Poultney Vermont fled and crashed

Meghan Bogutz age 24 of Poultney, Vermont DUI 120714

Vermont State Police Trooper Dambrackas reports that Meghan Bogutz was charged with DUI after she ran her vehicle into a guardrail.

On December 5th, 2014, at approximately 2000 hours, members of the Vermont State Police from the Rutland Barracks were advised of a vehicle whose operator appeared to have passed out behind the wheel in traffic, and when a passerby checked on the operator, she awoke and fled from the area in the motor vehicle. Shortly thereafter, State Police were advised a vehicle with a matching description from the first incident had hit the guard rail on US Route 4 westbound in Fair Haven and turned around and continued back towards Rutland. At approximately 2034 hours, a Vermont State Liquor Inspector Officer and members of the Vermont State Police located the vehicle on Route 7 just north of the Route 103 intersection in Clarendon.

Troopers identified the female operator as Meghan Bogutz, 24, of Poultney, Vermont. State Police investigation determined that Bogutz had been operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Bogutz refused to give a preliminary breath sample roadside. Bogutz was taken into custody and processed at the Rutland Barracks for DUI #3. Bogutz was placed at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility in lieu of $5,000.00 bail.

Sherry Ober DUI Vermont State Police 120714

DATE/TIME: 05 December 2014/2123 hours
LOCATION: Route 116, Bristol

ACCUSED: Sherry Ober
AGE: 55

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: State Police responded to a vehicle off the road on Route 116 in Bristol. The operator was identified as Sherry Ober. She was found to be under the influence of alcohol. She declined to submit to a breath test roadside. Ober was processed for D.U.I. at the New Haven State Police Barracks and subsequently released with a citation to appear at the Addison Criminal Division for D.U.I.


Michael R. Hamilton was three times the legal limit, say police

Michael Hamilton DUI in Vermont. Nearly three times the legal limit.

On 11/30/2014 at approximately 0130 hours State Police Saxby observed a Chevy Malibu
at the intersection of Bank Street and RTE 67. The operator was driving
erratically and pulled over to the side of the roadway. State Police attempted
to ensure the driver was not in need of assistance and determined that the
operator, Michael R. Hamilton, 28, of Bennington, Vermont, was intoxicated. His roadside PBT was .18. He
was cited for DUI and released.




Richard Smith’s story of how wreck happened slid down the slippery slope to DUI arrest

On 11/28/14, at approximately 1628 hours, a Bennington Sheriff’s Deputy came upon a motor vehicle that had gone off the road on US RT 7 in Shaftsbury. Vermont State Trooper Justin Walker arrived on scene to assist
shortly thereafter. The operator, Richard Smith, 46, of Cohoes, N. Y. advised he had lost control of
his vehicle on the slippery roadway, resulting in the vehicle going approximately 50 feet off the road. The vehicle was not damaged and only required being pulled back onto the road.

While waiting for a tow truck, the Trooper on scene suspected Smith of having consumed alcohol. Field Sobriety Exercises were subsequently administered on Smith, confirming the Trooper’s suspicions of DUI. Smith agreed to provide a preliminary breath test which resulted in a .108%. Smith was taken into custody and transported to the Vermont State Police Barracks in Shaftsbury for further tests. Smith was later released with a citation ordering him to appear in Bennington County Superior Court, Criminal Division, to answer to the Charge of DUI.

Pam Belles had judgment impaired by booze when she picked wrong way off highway

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT from Trooper Justinger: Troopers were notified that there was a car over the embankment at the pull off on US RT 7 just south of exit 4 in Manchester. Upon my arrival I contacted Pam Belles, 55, of Clifton, New York, who advised she thought the pull off was the exit and drove off the roadway. Belles participated in standard field sobriety tests but refused a preliminary breath test. She was subsequently placed under arrest for DUI.

 Matthew Goff found to be under drug impairment after 911 calls to police about erratic driver

On November 21st, 2014 at approximately 08:00 pm the Vermont State Police received a call from a concerned citizen. They reported a green Toyota Tacoma with Massachusetts registration had been driving erratically south bound on US RT 7. The vehicle was reportedly all over the roadway and crossing the center line into traffic. The Vermont State Police were able to locate the vehicle and observed similar operation issues. They conducted a motor vehicle stop and identified the operator as Matthew Goff, 25, of Mansfield Massachusetts. Goff showed signs of drug impairment during the stop. Goff was taken into custody for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs. He was transported to the Shaftsbury Barracks for further screening by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). Goff was released on a Criminal Citation. He is scheduled to appear in Bennington County Criminal Court on February 2nd, 2015 at 0815 am pending blood test results.

Theresa Betit charged with DUI and refused to let her breath be tested

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: On 11-22-14 at approximately 2359 hours. Theresa Betit, 56, of Bennington, Vermont, was stopped for speeding while traveling south on US Route 7 in Bennington. Further investigation led to Betit’s arrest for DUI. Betit did not provide a roadside breath sample. Betit was released on citation and ordered to appear in Bennington Superior Court, Criminal Division on 12-8-14.

Alexander Held DUI and Jailed

SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: On 11/19/14 at approximately 0009 hours Trooper Justin Walker of the Vermont State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer after observing suspicious actions made by the operator. The operator was identified as Alexander Held, who was found to be Criminally Suspended in the State of Vermont. Further investigation led Trooper Walker to believe that Held was under the influence of intoxicants.

Held was taken into custody for DLS and DUI after providing a breath sample
resulting in a .173% roadside. Held was transported to the Vermont State Police Barracks in Shaftsbury to be processed. Held was further found to be in Violation of Court Orders to not Operate a Motor Vehicle and Not to
Consume Alcohol. Held was remanded to the Marble Valley Correctional Facility until he could provide a BAC of .000%, as ordered by Court. Held was ordered to appear in Bennington County Superior Court, Criminal Division to answer to the charges.

Doubled down on legal amount of booze for Jerry Barnes…who could have called a cab

BENNINGTON, VERMONT – On 11-16-14 at approximately 0035 hours Jerry Barnes 46, of Bennington, Vermont, was operating a vehicle on US Route 7 in Bennington. He was observed by Trooper Burnett traveling faster than the posted 30 mph speed limit. Mr. Barnes was stopped and acknowledged consuming alcohol. He provided a roadside breath sample which indicated .155% BAC. Mr. Barnes was taken into custody and processed for DUI at the Shaftsbury State Police Barracks.


Nicholas Nunn arrested for DUI; this arrest photo could have been replaced by an obituary photo of him or another had Trooper Shaffer not removed him from the roadway

Nicholas Nunn DUI arrest Vermont State Police

Troopers from the Bradford Barracks stopped a 1997 Jeep Wrangler driven by Nicholas Nunn, 19, of Bradford, Vermont for speeding on South Main Street in Bradford on 11/28/14 at approximately 1917 hours. Nunn was found to be intoxicated and arrested for suspicion of DUI. Nunn provided a preliminary breath sample of .138%. He was processed at the Bradford Barracks and issued a citation to appear in Orange County Court on 12/17/14. Nunn and a passenger, Wade Trask (20) were also issued Diversion paperwork for underage consumption of alcohol.





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