Virginia: Augusta County Treasurer Richard Homes busted for DUI, says his lawyer told him to clam up…

When is the only time a politician will keep quiet?  When they have been arrested for DUI…

Treasurer Richard Homes

From News Virginian
Augusta County Treasurer Richard Homes has been charged with driving while intoxicated first offense in Harrisonburg and is set to be in court on the case Nov. 15.
Homes is serving his third term as treasurer. The Virginia State Police charged Homes after he was stopped in Harrisonburg on the night of Oct. 5.
When contacted on Wednesday, Homes said only that the “case is being handled by the judicial system and my attorney has advised me to stay quiet.”
Sgt. Les Tyler, a public information officer for the state police, said Trooper Sgt. K.L. Hyden saw a 2000 Ford pickup truck driving slowly on Interstate 81 south shortly after 11 on the night of Oct. 5.
Tyler said the trooper’s report said the truck “was weaving back and forth’’ in the southbound lanes of 81 at mile marker 246…..MORE