Virginia: drunk firemen take firetruck out for a spin at 2 am, run deputy off road, firefighter at wheel busted for DWI

Firefighters resign, others put on suspension as investigations into Hamilton Fire Department drunken joyride picks up speed, reports that one of the boozing firefighters is a Leesburg, Va. police officer, the group included a 19-year-old female on the ‘Party Pumper’  ….MORE
From The Washington Post:
The age-old question that police ask when a motorist seems to be in a hurry is: “Where’s the fire?” When a Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy learned Saturday that there wasn’t any fire, he made a traffic stop – of a firetruck.
The vehicle, described as a spare belonging to the volunteer fire department in the Loudoun town of Hamilton, had apparently been taken on a joyride, said Investigator Vincent DiBenedetto, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office. 
Sean Swanson, 27, believed to be a volunteer firefighter, was charged with driving under the influence and unauthorized use of a vehicle, DiBenedetto said…..MORE

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