Virginia: Ex-Loudoun County Deputy hired in Clarke County after hit & run DWI incident forced him to resign

From Clarke County Daily News
A former Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department deputy who quit his job after being involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident has been hired as a Clarke County deputy.
According to Loudoun County Circuit Court records, Jason Michael Hough was charged with failure to stop at the scene of an accident that occurred on June 19, 2011 when Hough was employed as a Loudoun County deputy sheriff.
On March 3, 2012 Hough plead guilty to an amended misdemeanor charge of “reckless driving; endangerment to life/limb/property”. Hough’s guilty plea resulted in a sentence of twelve months unsupervised probation, a ten-day driver’s license suspension and $461 in fines and ….MORE
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