Virginia: FAA chief Randy Babbitt wasn’t the only recent arrest for DWI in Fairfax County — as of Nov. 29, 2011

The following persons were charged with DWI by the Fairfax County Virginia Police:

Gioconda Rebecca Allen, 34, of Herdon, Va., on 11/25/11 (2nd offense, refusal of test 2nd off.)
Milton Geovanny Amaya, 23, of Fort Washington, Md., on 11/27/11 (1st offense)
Adu Asante, 23, of Alexandria, Va., on 11/24/11 (1st offense, refused test 1st offense)
Abdul Bangura, 40, of Annandale, Va., on 11/22/11 (2nd offense within 5 years
Mark Kramer Banning, 29, of Springfield, Va., on 11/22/11 (1st offense, refused test)
Andrew Carlton Blakney, 28, of Burke, Va., on 11/27/11 (2nd offense w/ 10 yr., BAC .15 – .20%)
Edward W. Bockman, 60, of Lorton, Va., on 11/28/11 (2nd offense w/in 5 yr.)
Emmanuel Bonti-Mankah, 39, of Frederick, Md., on 11/24/11 (1st offense BAC .20%)
Roland Ellsworth Brown III, 21, of Annandale, Va., on 11/26/11 (1st offense)
Daniel Samuel Dobrai, 41, on 11/26/11 (1st offense NOTE: Fairfax Times, on March 13, 2001, reports that he was charged twice and indicted by a Grand Jury in TWO DWI charges that year)
Mary Ashleigh Edmonds, 23, of Great Falls, Va., (DWI 1st offense, BAC .15-.20% drugs)
Sherry Jean Fowlkes, 27,  of Beltsville, Md., on 11/28/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Raghavender Rao Kulkarni, 33, of Fairfax, Va., on 11/23/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15-.20%)
Maria E. Lara Diaz, 23, of Fairfax, Va., on 11/25/11
Tiffany Leigh Lash, 27, of Boynton Beach, Florida, on 6/6/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Jeffrey C. Le, 28, of Ashburn, Va., on 11/28/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Kenny Alberto Llanos, 20, of Radford, Va., on 11/26/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15 – .20%)
Bernardo David Mamani Garcia, 35, of Falls Church, Va., on 11/27/11 (1st offense BAC .15-.20%)
Mary E. McCourt, 26, of Great Falls, Va., on 11/28/11 (DWI 1st offense refused test)
Jamie Lynn McMahon, 25, of Dale City, Va., on 11/26/11 (DWI 1st offense, BAC .15-.20%)
Santos Mendez Rivas, 35, of Thomasville, N.C. on 7/16/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15-.20%)
Dennys Gilmarth Montano Sejas, 28, on 11/27/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Anthony J. Morra, 23, of Woodbridge, Va., on 11/26/11 (DWI 2nd offense w/in 10 yrs. BAC .15-.20%)
Rene A. Murcia Martinez, 24, of Herndon, Va., on 11/229/11 (1st offense BAC .15-.20)
Ephraim Gezachew Negash, 21, of Springfield, Va., on 11/26/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Dylan Price,18,  of Great Falls, Va., on 11/24/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15 – .20%)
Chang Dok Pyon, 49, of Springfield, Va., on 11/27/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15-.20%)
James Robinson, 44, of Alexandria, Va., on 11/27/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Bernabe Rocha Ortiz, 30, of Alexandria, Va., on 11/27/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15-.20%)
Yoon S. Seo, 26, of Annandale, Va., on 11/27/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Matthew A. Sharpe, 25, of Reston, Va., on 11/24/11 (DWI 2nd offense w/in 5 yrs. BAC .15-.20%)
Samantha M. Shirey, 19, of Springfield, Va., on 11/26/11 (DWI 1st offense)
Kirkland G. Sprattley, 30, of Alexandria Va., on 11/29/11 (DWI 1st offense with child in vehicle)
Milton Aristides Ulloa Moreno, 37, of Centerville, Va., on 11/30/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .20-.25%)
Conner F. Wendt, 18, of Herndon, Va., on 11/19/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15-.20%)
Gregory S. Wilson, 50, of Alexandria, Va., on 11/26/11 (DWI 3rd offense w/in 5 yrs-10yrs)
David You, 28, of Clifton, Va., on 11/23/11 (DWI 1st offense BAC .15-.20%)

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