Virginia: numerous arrests for reckless driving, revoked…she didn’t care then she got drunk and killed a young man and splintered his girlfriend…now she’s got 5 years of hard time to think about it…and she said she was sorry…

From Virginian Pilot:
Charlotte Staats wore sparkly shoes. Hunter Richardson wore khakis and boots. In a lighthearted moment at a semi-formal party in Town Center on Thanksgiving night 2009, somebody pointed a camera at their feet and captured this. The friends, both 23, left the gathering at Guadalajara just after midnight. Staats remembers holding hands as they walked. She remembers feeling happy.
She does not remember the impact of the Ford Explorer in the Columbus Street crosswalk that left her with broken teeth, shattered bones and a fractured spine. Later, in the hospital, Staats’ dad walked in her room with a box of tissues and said Richardson didn’t make it, she told Circuit Court Judge Stephen C. Mahan. “Emotionally, I’ll never be OK,” she said. “I don’t know how you’ll ever be OK after that.”  ….MORE

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