Virginia: police chief that was nailed for DUI, repents, considers bid for office

From The Washington Post
“The easier thing to do is hide somewhere for a couple of years,” said Baker, 60. “The better way out is to face the circumstances head-on and be prepared to do the right thing, not be afraid to share my lessons with others.”
Three days after leaving jail in August 2009, Baker filmed a public service announcement titled “Even a Police Chief Can Get Nailed Drunk Driving.” He has since spoken at schools, the Alexandria jail and police roll calls. Unexpectedly, he said, people told him his story moved them.
“I was at once scared to death, then thrilled beyond description,” Baker said.
Baker, who spent 40 years in public service, found himself wondering whether he should try it again: “I was still looking for opportunities to
serve.” ….MORE

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