Virginia: yes, Virginia, there really is a Senator named Crapo and he was driving Crapo and drunko and could have killed you for Christmas

Editorial from Idaho Statesman: Don’t Judge Crapo by one mistake, at least it wasn’t toe-tapping in a restroom…it was worst…he could have killed someone…learn from his mistake
Update from Seattle Intelligencer: Crapo’s DUI arrest just the latest from Idaho’s strange collection of public officials

UPDATE FROM WTOP  Senator explained he was doing shots of Vodka prior to DUI arrest when he ran a red light

From The Idaho Statesman

When U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo sponsored a 2010 bill to cut taxes on small beer brewers, he said he did so for pro-business, not pro-beer reasons.
A Mormon, the Idaho Republican told The Associated Press at the time that he abstains from alcohol, and he pledged to have a root beer to celebrate if the bill passed.
Crapo’s arrest early Sunday in a Washington, D.C., suburb on suspicion of drunken driving suggests a private life that departed
from his public persona as a teetotaling member of ….MORE