Washington; legislators created laws that allow drunk driver Mark Mullan to be free to kill Judy and Dennis Schulte

From Sky Valley Chronicle
SEATTLE, WA) — Although he hasn’t been tried and convicted of anything yet, if you listen to the outrage on local talk radio and watch the TV news reports, Mark W. Mullan, 50, has already been convicted in the court of public opinion.
If this was the age of the American Wild West, some folks might be out looking for a tall oak tree and a sturdy rope.
“How could a guy like this, with his ongoing record of drunk driving, be out on the street and behind the wheel of a car again to kill people?”, goes the talk radio caller refrain.
“How could the system have failed society so miserably on this?”
“When will the legislature start taking drunk driving seriously and start putting these people away for a long time so they can’t kill people on the streets?”
“What’s wrong with those people down in Olympia that they just don’t get this?”
And on it goes.
People across the community are outraged that Mullan – the suspect who was arrested at the scene of an accident in Seattle this week in which a truck rammed into four members of a family, killing two outright and seriously injuring another two – was, according to court documents, a man who had a long history
of driving impaired ….MORE

New Grandparents moved to Seattle to be with grandchild
From Seattle Post Intelligencer

Bacardi rum, police say, is Mark Mullan’s drink of choice.
He allegedly admitted drinking it Monday before, police said, he plowed his black Chevy truck into Dennis and Judy Schulte, killing the couple who came to Seattle for their new grandson and his parents.
That 10-day-old boy, Elias Jose, was thrown from the arms of his mother, Karina Schulte, as they crossed Northeast 75th Street at 33rd Avenue Northeast. Both were still in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center on Tuesday.
Mullan, who has a long history of DUI-related incidents ….MORE

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