Washington: State Patrol reports high-speed joyride in BMW ends life of Sidney Jahn who was hanging out of rear window

Sun-roof surfing, driver missing in Interstate joyride that killed Sidney Jahn

High-speed crash in BMW ends life of Sidney Jahn who was hanging out of rear window

Sidney Jahn was ejected from BMW in early morning joyride and then his pals fled and left him for dead.

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON — The Washington State Patrol reports that a BMW operated by an unidentified driver, of Kirkland, Wash., which was travelling at a high rate of speed southbound on I-405 at 85th Street in Kirkland with a passenger, Sidney Jahn, 18, of Kirkland, hanging out of a rear window when it went out of whatever control the driver may have had and hit a guardrail and ejected the half-way out Jahn, all of the ways out to his death.

Trooper R. Gagnon reports that is unknown at this time if alcohol or drugs were involved, however, if not, the 3:40 am crash on July 17, 2017, wasn’t the result of a demonstration of safe driving.

Police reported that 911 callers reported the erratic operation of the BMW and that the car had a passenger ‘sunroof surfing’, or hanging out of the sunroof while another witness said the passenger was hanging out of a rear window.  After the BMW crashed into the guardrail and police responded, the driver had fled in the car, perhaps with other passengers and left his or her dying friend lying along the roadway.

A caller to police arranged to meet presumably to turn themselves in but when police appeared, no one was there to meet them.

The 2004 BMW was found later and towed for evidence collection. Police say that charges are pending and made no report if any of injuries to the driver of the death ride.  Notification to the family was made by Washington State Patrol Chaplin Durrant, Sgt. Bassett and Trooper Klukas.