Washington State Trooper Arrests Dean K. Hermsen for Eleventh DUI

Washington State Patrol trooper in Seattle.

Washington State Trooper Arrests Dean K. Hermsen for Eleventh DUI

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. — Washington State Patrol reports that a dangerous driver who should have been in prison was instead free to roam the highways and free to kill in spite of ten prior DUI convictions. Hermsen is now in jail with bail denied until he meets his next liberal judge who sets him free.

Police say that at approximately 2:00 am on April 14, 2017, Trooper Cadet Washington along with his Training Officer Trooper Black arrested an individual for DUI SB I-5 to Albro.

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Trooper Cadet Washington and Trooper Black were on the ramp from SB I-5 to Albro investigating a report of smoke in the area when a green sedan pulled in behind them on the shoulder.  The driver stepped out and was contacted by Trooper Black.  Due to several indicators of impairment to include Field Sobriety Tests, the individual was placed under arrest for DUI.

A subsequent check through the Department of Licensing identified the driver as Dean K. Hermsen, a 59-year-old male from Renton, Washington.  A further review of Hermsen’s criminal history indicated he had 10 prior DUIs, two of which met the criteria for Felony DUI.  He also had a requirement of an Ignition Interlock Device which was not present in the vehicle he was driving.

A search warrant for blood was obtained and executed for which results are pending from the Washington State Patrol Toxicology Lab.  Hermsen was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of Felony DUI.

Washington State Police was proud to say that Trooper Cadet Washington and Trooper Black did an outstanding job in removing this potentially dangerous driver from the roadway who could have caused harm to himself and others.

Who the foolish and incompetent nitwit judge was who allowed Hermsen to be free with a simple ignition device to protect the public and not in jail is not known at this time.

The Washington State Patrol stresses the importance of driving sober and reminds drivers to stay aware of potential dangers on our roadways.

The voters of Washington State who allow legislators and judges to continue to endanger the public are proof of the words of H. L. Mencken from one hundred years ago: “The common man knows what he wants and deserves to get it, good and hard.”

Prosecutor Warns of Grave Danger to Public

The prosecutor who had dealt with Hermsen on prior convictions said in charging documents, as reported in the Seattle Times, that he remains a grave danger.

Hermsen had been released from prison only five months ago after serving time for his 10th DUI — which was also his third felony DUI charge since 2006, according to jail and court records and a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections (DOC).

Hermsen had been released from prison only five months ago after serving time for his 10th DUI —

“This defendant is a grave danger to the community, has shown no respect for the Court or any willingness or ability to abide by any orders,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Amy Freedheim wrote in charging papers in June 2013 after Hermsen was arrested on Interstate 90, reeking of booze and driving with an open beer can in his cup holder. “Despite the requirement to install an ignition interlock device, there is no evidence he has ever done so and yet continues to drive and alarmingly continues to drink alcohol.”

Freedheim, who is again prosecuting Hermsen, expressed a similar sentiment in the charging papers she filed Tuesday:

“He simply cannot refrain from becoming impaired and driving. He is a grave danger to the community and himself,” she wrote.

Charge(s): MULTIPLE

Cause No:
RCW/ORD: 5404
Court: KCDC West Division Seattle Courthouse
Bail Amount: $500,000.00
Release Reason:

Cause No: 131115596
RCW/ORD: 9.94A.195
Court: Washington State Dept of Corrections
Bail Amount: BAIL DENIED
Release Reason:

Cause No: 171029196
Charge: FEL DUI
RCW/ORD: 46.61.502
Court: K C Superior Court
Bail Amount: $500,000.00