Washington: Stephen Jay Wilson pleaded not guilty to DUI for latest charge; in 1991 he pleaded guilty after killing Gretchen Wilson when he hit an oak tree with his Corvette

From News Tribune
A man who killed a passenger 11 years ago while driving drunk has racked up his second DUI since then.
Steven Jay Wilson, 46, pleaded not guilty Monday to felony driving under the influence and second-degree driving on a suspended license.
He was convicted last year of felony driving under the influence. In 1991, he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide after he crashed his Corvette into a tree in Pierce County, killing one of his passengers, Gretchen Wilson.
Court records do not indicate if they were related.
His latest charge stems from an incident Friday in the 5600 block of Pacific Avenue of Tacoma. Two officers noticed him driving erratically and pulled him over. ….MORE
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