West Virginia: David Lee McCoy proved chain link fence was tougher than his Dodge Ram; awarded DUI

From Williamson Daily News
WILLIAMSON – Charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs were  issued against several individuals in Mingo County who found themselves on the  wrong side of the law and seated in the back of a police cruiser following their  recent arrests.

David Lee McCoy, 55, of Dingess, was taken into custody by  Mingo County Sheriff’s (MCSD) Deputy M.J. Miller on charges of DUI,  1st offense and driving without a license. The deputy stated in the  complaint that he had responded to a one-vehicle accident in the Dingess  community and found a Dodge Ram truck that had been operated by McCoy wrecked  and sitting in a yard. After making contact with the driver, Miller questioned  the defendant as to whether he had consumed alcohol before getting behind the  wheel to which he allegedly replied yes, that he had consumed approximately 4-5  beers.

The defendant caused damage to two separate chain link fences, shrubbery that  was located in the yard and around the fence, a drain pipe in the creek, a  garage, a pull trailer and a Chevrolet Silverado truck. A series of sobriety  tests were administered to McCoy, which he was unable to complete. A ….MORE

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