West Virginia: Huntington Firefighter Shane Masters busted for 4th DUI

Shane Masters 4th DUI Huntington Firefighter WVAFrom Marshall University The Parthenon

Huntington, WVA. — 01/22/2015 — A Huntington firefighter was placed on suspension without pay after being arrested Jan. 4 on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).

Shane Masters, who has been with the Huntington Fire Department since 2003, was arrested for the fourth time in connection with a DUI incident, according to a spokesperson from the mayor’s office.

Bryan Chambers, communications director of Huntington said the incident raises concerns for the city’s current policies on validating employees’ driver’s licenses.

“We conduct checks when someone is initially hired,” Chambers said. “And after he was arrested a few weeks ago for his fourth DUI, the most recent information we had on file was that he had an active license. It was not suspended.”

“At the heart of the matter, we want to prevent what has occurred.”

— Bryan Chambers, communications director of Huntington

Masters was charged with his first DUI five years before his employment with the Huntington Fire Department.

In January 2013, Masters was arrested and charged with his second DUI, and his license was suspended. He was placed on administrative leave from the Fire Department for approximately two months before returning to be placed on monitored, light duty for the three months that followed.

The West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles’ criminal penalties for a DUI second offense typically call for a minimum revocation period of 12 months depending on participation in the West Virginia Interlock Program, according to the Transportation Manual.

Masters was arrested and charged with his third DUI in Kenova in September 2013, where his trial was ran through the city’s municipal court. He pleaded down to reckless driving and his license was suspended again, unbeknownst to officials of Huntington and the fire department.

“We never knew about this [third] incident,” Chambers said. “What our policies state, as it relates to driving records ….MORE

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