West Virginia: Jerod Green wants trial moved from Monongalia County; already convicted of killing deputy in DUI high-speed chase

Jerod Green killed Sheriff's deputy while driving DWI, faces trial in WVa too.

Jerod Green killed Sheriff’s deputy while driving DWI, faces trial in WVa too.

Update — 2014-04-03 —
A man convicted of killing a Monongalia County sheriff’s deputy, Sgt. Todd May, in Pennsylvania has requested to have his West Virginia charges tried somewhere other than Monongalia County.
Jerod Green’s attorney filed motions to change the venue and asked the court to rescues itself from the case, citing a belief that the sheriff’s department and court system in the county have a very close relationship.
The motion also states members of the court were in attendance at May’s funeral.  This creates the appearance of impropriety.
Judge Russell Clawges will hear the motions on Monday, April 7.
The West Virginia trial of a man convicted of killing a law enforcement officer during a high-speed chase has been pushed back to April.
Jerod Green was convicted of killing Monongalia County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Todd May ….MORE