WEST VIRGINIA: Wheeling Police Department DUI arrests in November 2020 includes Desean Lee Moses for felony DUI on demo-derby in I-70 tunnel while careening wrong-way

WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA – Wheeling Police report that a particularly crazy driver has been removed from the highways and given a room in the slammer. Desean Lee Moses must have been trying to part one of the mountains that are bisected by the Wheeling Tunnel. He has been arrested and charged after a vehicle pursuit with Wheeling Police. Around 5:40 p.m., Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Wheeling Police patrolling in the Center Wheeling area observed a vehicle driving recklessly on 24th Street.

The officer attempted to make a traffic stop, but the driver of the vehicle proceeded to flee from the police, traveling at times on the wrong side of the road through downtown at a high rate of speed.

The officer then disengaged the pursuit because of safety concerns, but moments later the driver entered Interstate 70 at the Wheeling Tunnel and proceeded to travel west in the eastbound lanes. The suspected continued driving the wrong way and struck three vehicles before crashing near Exit 1A. The drivers of the three cars hit were not injured.

The suspect then briefly ran from police on the Fort Henry Bridge before being arrested by and taken into custody by officers.

Desean Lee Moses, 30 of Wheeling was arrested and is charged with Fleeing while DUI and Fleeing Recklessly, both felonies. He was transported to the Northern Regional Jail by WPD.

Moses, Desean Lee2/24/1990BAILPIECE-120-F-71PTF Pretrial Felon11/3/2020
Moses, Desean Lee2/24/1990Reckless Fleeing20-M35F-00266PTF Pretrial Felon11/3/2020

Robert Franklin Henry charged with felony DUI in road rage incident


Around 12:20 p.m., Sunday, Wheeling Police report that officers were called to the Warwood area of the city for a report of road rage.

When police found the driver of the vehicle, they activated their emergency lights and sirens and started to pursue the vehicle southbound on River Road.

The driver did not stop for law enforcement and accelerated at a high rate of speed while driving recklessly through North Wheeling and onto Interstate 70 East. The driver then exited the interstate at Perkins and crashed into the shrubbery. He then left his car and ran from police on Mount DeChantal Road. Officers were able to catch up with the suspect on foot and tase him near Kroger before taking him into police custody.

Arrested was Robert Franklin Henry Jr, 46, of Bellaire, Ohio. He is charged with Fleeing while DUI, Felony Fleeing, Fleeing in a vehicle, speeding, and obstructing an officer.

Henry, Robert Franklin, Jr.1/11/1974Reckless Fleeing-120-M35F-00262PTF Pretrial Felon11/1/2020
Henry, Robert Franklin, Jr.1/11/1974FLEEING DUI20-M35F-00264PTF Pretrial Felon11/1/2020