Wisconsin: Detective terminated but still on payroll pending final axe after drunk driving in his police squad car

From WiscNews.com:
During the morning hours of Oct. 11, a Baraboo police officer ticketed Vodak for failing to have control of his vehicle after he hit another car. Vodak was on duty at the time of the incident and driving an unmarked squad car.
Sauk County Sheriff’s Department officials also investigated the crash and stated in their report that Vodak smelled of intoxicants and his demeanor was suspicious.
The Sauk County Sheriff’s Department asked the Wisconsin State Patrol to investigate Vodak’s driving status.Vodak recorded a .113 blood-to-alcohol ratio on the preliminary breath test and a state trooper who performed the field sobriety tests on Vodak concluded he was intoxicated. Drivers with a blood-to-alcohol ration higher than .08 are considered to be intoxicated in Wisconsin.   ….MORE

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