Florida: Felipak Family of three killed by DUI driver Amber Nicole Perera on Selmon Expressway

Perera was behind the wheel Thursday on the Selmon Expressway eastbound when she lost control of her car, hit the Felipak’s car and sent it into the westbound lanes, where it was hit by two other vehicles and burst into flames

Florida: Cape Coral Police report motorcyclist Charles Thomas Duffy killed by DUI driver David McDonough of Colorado

Vehicle 1 made a left turn to enter into the German American Social Club driveway (2101 SW Pine Island Road) and turned into the path of travel of Vehicle 2. 

Florida: Allan Willard Jones charged with DUI manslaughter for killing Aaron Thomas Williams in 2016

Police say that Williams was operating a 2007 Buick southbound on Treeline Avenue when Jones veered across the grass median strip and hit the Buick head-on, causing Williams to die.