Washington: State Patrol reports drugs/alcohol factor in Courtney Carlson’s crash into tree

A crash of a car load of people traveling northbound on 15 to Southcenter on milepost 154 came to a sudden end when the 1996 Mercedes piloted by Courtney M. Carlson, 20, failed to stay on the highway on a curve and careened into a tree, reports the Washington State Patrol.

Washington: Dawn Vrentas killed two while drunk driving ten years ago; charged again with DUI

Dawn’s employers at the Post-Prison Education Program have stood up to support her in court, saying she’s turned her life around and has been working towards a master’s degree in social work.

Ari Kohn, president of the organization, said he knew about Dawn’s past when he hired her. When approached after her arrest he said he “didn’t give a damn” about her history.

“She’s smarter than hell,” he said Monday. “The prisoners love working with her.”