Nationwide: More than 2,344,200 Visitors to the DWI Hit Parade!

Nationwide: More than 2,240,275 Visitors to the DWI Hit Parade! NOTICE: This data base is a great FREE resource for credit managers, law enforcement and background investigations for private sector as well as government screenings of prospective employees. Those who are impaired are advised not to drive after ingesting drugs or alcohol as doing so and being arrested can cause serious negative experiences for obtaining employment…and could kill someone. If your name appears on this site and you believe you have proper cause to have it removed, provide such information to to determine eligibility for removal. If you have killed someone and been convicted of being responsible for that death while operating impaired, don’t bother. The engravings of victims of impaired drivers are forever on grave markers.

Jackson County Sheriff Oregon

Florida: Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott reports DUI arrests for Sept. 8-14, 2014

Impaired drivers are a very real danger to themselves and to others who share the road. With this in mind, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has launched a multi-faceted campaign of education, awareness and enforcement to battle this threat to public safety in our community. We have elected to publicize the names of those charged with the offense of Driving Under the Influence during the past week.

Lee County Florida Sheriff motorcycle units

Florida: Miami Hurricanes QB fumbled with wallet full of fake ID’s when busted for DUI

While searching his wallet officers found one fake identification card with an altered date of birth and one license under the name of teammate Ronald Regula, according to the incident report. Olsen had a total of five forms of identification from four different states.

Miami Hurricanes QB Kevin Olsen DUI 091614

California: Mario Gomez and Cristian Adrian Luna Frias charged with DUI in Coachella checkpoint

Mario Gomez, age 27 of Indio, and Cristian Adrian Luna Frias, age 20 of Thermal, were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Both were booked in the Riverside County jail in Indio.
•Five drivers were cited for driving without a valid driver’s license
•Three drivers were cited for driving with a suspended license
•One driver was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI warrant.
•Five vehicles were towed

Don't get cuffed and stuffed. Call a cab.

California: Dylan Johnson charged with DUI after he killed Ynnek Semrad hitting tree and rolling his Suburu

According to the CHP, 20-year-old Dylan A. Johnson was driving a 2006 Subaru Forester north on Lakeshore Drive south of Mammoth Drive around 1:39 a.m. when he failed to negotiate a turn in the road, crashing into a planter box and a tree before rolling the SUV.

Ynnek Semrad killed in DUI crash by Dylan Johnson 091314