TEXAS: Austin Police report DWI arrests for April 2021

JAIMES MARK 2106051 04/16/2021 2100-0 DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED PICCO CHASE 2106060 04/16/2021 2100-0 DRIVING WHILE […]

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Nationwide: More than 3,185,763 Visitors to the DWI Hit Parade! NOTICE: This database is a great FREE resource for credit managers, law enforcemen,t and background investigations for private sector as well as government screenings of prospective employees. Those who are impaired are advised not to drive after ingesting drugs or alcohol as doing so and being arrested can cause serious negative experiences for obtaining employment…and could kill someone. If your name appears on this site and you believe you have proper cause to have it removed, provide such information to staff@clean-search.com to determine eligibility for removal. If you have killed someone and been convicted of being responsible for that death while operating impaired, don’t bother. The engravings of victims of impaired drivers are forever on grave markers.