FLORIDA: When Palm Harbor firefighters aren’t trying to save your life, they are trying to kill you while driving drunk

What makes the hero mentality of some firefighters tarnish the reputation of their fellow firefighters to make them believe that they can drive drunk without causing injury to others? It’s the same ingredient that causes everyone else, in any occupation to do the same thing = booze – which causes stupidity to take over brain functions and often leads to death on the highway for innocent people.

Indiana: Volunteer Firefighter Kendall Murphy Killed by DUI Firefighter Colby Blake at Crash Scene

Indiana State Police report that a volunteer firefighter was killed at the scene of a crash Friday night after being run over by another responding firefighter who police arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Louisiana: Firefighter Trevor Oliver charged with OWI / DWI in stolen fire truck; crashing into home

Olivier was booked into the Iberia Parish Jail on multiple charges, including unauthorized use of the stolen fire truck and driving while intoxicated.

Illinois: DUI firefighter/medic John Yanni III killed Johnathan Ode in head-on crash

Judge Montgomery set bond at $10,000, ordered Yanni not to drink alcohol and required that he be fitted with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet

Wisconsin: Milwaukee firefighter was tailgating at Brewers home opener; killed Ken Johnson and Yoruba Sly-Lundasi when leaving game

Two people were killed by a Milwaukee firefighter who was arrested by West Allis Police Department for drunk driving but his name was not released to the public. The names of the two people he allegedly killed were released.

Kansas: Prosecutor Chad Taylor pens plea deal with DUI firefighter that keeps him behind the wheel of firetruck!

Shawnee County Jail records show Torrez, then 32, was booked into the jail at 5:12 p.m. that day after the Kansas Highway Patrol arrested him.

A Topeka firefighter since Jan. 3, 2006, Torrez was promoted Aug. 29 to the rank of apparatus operator. Apparatus operators drive firetrucks.