Connecticut: State Police report Chad Barrett intentionally rammed stolen vehicle into police cruiser

As a result of the collision the cruiser struck a tree head-on causing extensive damage, and the Chevy Impala drove off the road and struck a stone wall.

California: Anthony Francisco Bueno DUI in Alameda County

Alameda County Sheriff BUENO, ANTHONY FRANCISCO BGB060 M HISPANIC OWNER 09/21/1988 HAZEL BROWN  5’09”  185 […]

Maryland: boozing BMW driver Douglas Scott Berkshire was DUI and underwater after plunge into Patuxent River

HOLLYWOOD, MD. St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that a Texas man with a pricey hot rod took a cold dip into the Patuxent River on Christmas Day.

There were no known baptismal ceremonies taking place on that holy day.

Deputies responded to the end of Clark’s Landing Road for the report of a vehicle in the river.

The investigation revealed, Douglas Scott Berkshire, 38, of Austin, Texas, drove a 2011 BMW 335I, 300-400 feet off of the roadway into the water. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence.