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John C. Wright wrote words of praise for his former editor.  This link is provided as not too many folks go out of their way to give a thumbs up to the editor or the 22-year-long effort of simply trying to get those who drink to not drive afterwards.

John C. Wright’s Journal

Prospero in Hell

Author Jagi Lamplighter Wright penned this note in her blog in reference to her husband John’s fantastic 3 years covering courts and government for ST. MARY’S TODAY :

** Crusading newspaper editor Ken Rossignol ran his paper for many years. John used to say that working for him was like working for Superman’s editor, Perry White. Ken has since retired from the newspaper business and written a novel currently available on Kindle.

ST. MARY’S TODAY Free Coffin Offer Christmas Drunk Driving Season 2007, featured in Copywriting Secrets