California: repeat offender DUI driver killed 3 in family when he hit them head-on as he drove wrong way on highway

From KCRA    Slideshow of photos of triple fatal scene
Two women who died when their car was hit by a suspected drunken driver this week were sisters, and the third person who died was the husband of one of the sisters, KCRA 3 confirmed Tuesday.
The victims’ niece, Maggi Moreno, cried and trembled on Tuesday as she told the story of her family’s loss.
Not only did she lose two aunts and an uncle, but she and other relatives are still waiting to learn the fate of Pedro Cornejo, another uncle who was badly hurt in the crash.
Cornejo is in critical condition at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael. It is not clear whether he will survive, said Dr. Amir Amiri, a surgeon at Mercy San Juan Medical Center.