Colorado: Thugs of the NFL — Denver Broncos bust boozing Bronco officials following DUI arrests…they were out to kill Bronco fans on the highways


Tom Heckert and Matt Russell, …what a public relations disaster these two are for Denver, but then again, the entire NFL is full of thugs who kill, drive DUI, and torture dogs…

Benched from official duties right when the team needs top officials the most…because they were too damn cheap to call a taxi…


Denver Broncos president Joe Ellis hit “send” on an email Monday the likes of which plenty of other executives have surely had to distribute.

Maybe they’ve stemmed from a couple of incidents around holiday parties for the insurance company boss, or a few things that went down over Memorial Day weekend for the hedge-fund manager, or some embarrassing episode at a convention for the sales team.

The difference here, in the case of the missive sent by Ellis, is twofold. First, because of the high-profile nature of the team and the league in which it plays, Ellis can’t quietly discipline his employees, make an example for everyone else, and move on. And second, no matter how he decided to take action — in this case, it meant suspending director of pro personnel Tom Heckert for a month and director of player Matt Russell indefinitely after their arrests for driving under the influence — there was going to be a segment of his employees watching closely for double standards. ….MORE