Maryland: newspaper report shows Anne Arundel Judges talk big but suspend nearly all jail time for DWI drivers in smoke and mirror justice

From Annapolis Capital
Judge H. Richard Duden III
Frazier Martin, 27, 2016 Orchard Ave., Jessup; 1 prior; charged October 9, 2010; pleaded guilty DWI; bac .17; jail 1 year, suspend all but 4 days to be served as 2 weekends; probation 18 months sup; AETD, abstain from alcohol for 18 months, alcohol restriction on license; $185/$65.
Rachel Miller (Pike), 25, 11970 Halcrow Lane, Waldorf; charged May 14, 2010; pleaded guilty DUI; bac refused; jail 60 days, suspend all but 2 days; probation 18 months sup; AETD; $500, suspend all but $192.50/costs not listed.   ….MORE

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