Maryland: State Police round up drivers suspected of being impaired; find another who didn’t want to meet the Judge on a DWI charge

The following persons were charged with DWI by the Maryland State Troopers of the Leonardtown Barrack:
Danielle Marie Ruefly, 19, of Mechanicsville on 2/11/12 by Cpl. P. A. Trossbach
Nathan Jerry Toler, 48, of Great Mills on 2/11/12 by TFC G. A. Thompson
Joseph Lee Pennington, 47, of Leonardtown on 2/11/12 by Cpl. P. A. Trossbach
William Anthony Thompson, 24, of Leonardtown on 2/12/12 by TFC M. J. Pitcher
Larry Andre Rice, 27, of California on 2/14/12 by TFC E. M. Evans
Anthony Scott Blend, 32, of Mechanicsville on 2/16/12 by TFC J. A. Pilkerton
David Blaine Hager, 39, of Hollywood on 2/17/12 by TFC B. T. Wiesemann
John Edward Perrell, Jr., 28, of Mechanicsville on 2/17/12 by TFC J. A. Pilkerton
Dale Forest Miller, 45, of Mechanicsville on 2/17/12 by Tpr. W. A. Couter
William Paul Kinney, 49, of Lexington Park on 2/17/12 by TFC N. E. Gresko
Antonio Hermosillo, 36, of Lexington Park on 2/18/12 by TFC B. T. Wiesemann
Harold Eugene Young, 49, of Waldorf on 2/18/12 by Tpr. W. A. Couter
John Ellis Plummer, 37, of California on 2/19/12 by TFC M. A. Moore

LEONARDTOWN, MD. — According to the Maryland State Police on Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 9:15pm, TFC S. M. Van Bennekum served a Bench Warrant on Jennifer G. Labonowski, 28, of La Plata. The warrant was issued on February 10, 2012 by the District Court of St. Mary’s County with an original charge of Driving While Impaired by Alcohol While Transporting a Minor. Ms. Labonowski was located on a call for service in Charles County. Taken into custody on a detainer, Ms. Labonowski was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where she was served and held pending a bond review with the District Court Commissioner.